Save Your Paint.

A solution for a viable contact wash away from home.

Save your paintwork with

Scratch-Resistant Design

We know that sometimes you have to wash your vehicle in less than desirable circumstances, leaving you with a dilemma of either using the filthy car wash brush or going touchless and leaving with a sub-par shine!

Engineered with a gentle yet durable construction, our mitt provides a protective barrier between your vehicle's delicate surfaces and abrasive contaminants, safeguarding its pristine appearance for years to come.

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Use our mitt to

Save your back

Whether you're washing your car at home or at a self service car wash, pairing our mitt with a brush means way less bending down and straining for those hard to reach areas.

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Our BrushGuards are

Easy to use

Simply fit the elasticated neck of the mitt over the brush, pull the toggle tight and get to work making your car squeaky clean!

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"These are perfect for the van"

- John from Newcastle, UK